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08-15-2004, 09:04 PM
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thanks to you guys for your support because i'm telling you we needed it lol!

our house pretty much went unscathed, except for a skinny tree in the backyard falling over and a ton of leaves nestled around the el dorado. we lost power from friday night through sunday night. but other than that we were alright.

unfortunately, the same couldn't have been said of some of the ppl in our neighborhood. on the street right around the corner from our house, there were tall trees that had fallen over. one really thick tree in particular was uprooted so badly that the surrounding sod around it was also uprooted so that the dirt underneath was visible. on the main street nearest my house there were places like 7-11, mcdonald's, burger king, taco bell etc. that had lost power...and none of them have gained it back as of this writing. taco bell's sign was completely destroyed. 7-11 had a window in one of its doors ripped open. gas stations down the road were running out of gas for the customers, and coffee couldn't be refilled fast enough.

traffic lights were/are out on some major intersections. signs and cars absolutely totalled. it was by far the strongest hurricane that i've ever experienced and i'm so thankful that things for me are pretty much back to normal.

now i go back to the wonderful world that is rangerland (partial sarcasm )

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