Thread: Injury Report: Neil Out Indefinitely
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02-11-2009, 10:40 AM
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Before I get started...I'd like to state that Neil is one of my favorite players...has been for quite a while and I have 2 of his jerseys where one of them is game worn. rant about his "role".

We have too many players on this team that fit the "3rd - 4th line agitator" role on this team.

We have 1 first line and 3 3rd/4th clear 2nd line. The only player that could "sort of" fit that 2nd line role is the likes of Vermette. Fisher could...but that's a stretch of borderline epic proportions.

Now we have Neil, Bass, Ruutu, Carkner, Winchester (<--little on the soft side) that can all play that style of game.

Yes, Neil is probably one of the better ones in the league in that role because had a somewhat unique combination of toughness and hockey sense. But, he can't hold his own against the best of them in the league like Tucker a few years ago, Domi at his peak or even *shudder* Avery. They're just better "hockey" players IMHO.

You don't pay 2+ million for a player that fills this role. You just don''s bad money management. Heck...I don't think that a player like that unless they are one fo the best at that role are worth more than about 1.3 (Yes...I think Ruutu is overpaid, but he's one of the best shift disturbers in the NHL so his salary is debatable for me).

After this year...a contract year where players usually are alot better than they really are...Neiler has taken a step back.

So should his salary. Or the maximum that he should get is the EXACT same salary he's got now.

The cap is going down people...time for players salary to reflect that.

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