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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
The FA's don't wanna come here because of people like you and the media which feeds off of people like you.

Gainey gets a lot of respect from people around the league, do you really think players wanna come here when people like you can't even respect one of the most respected GMs in the league??

Tanguay wasn't at the end of his career and he did lift his NTC to come to Montreal.

But yeah, I guess the user known as Nittany knows better than a NHL GM, knows better than most.

Oh and I'm really not the first to say that the many FAs this season are a blessing in disguise. Even Pedneault said this in his JDM article about a month ago.
Poeple like me? 500 km's away? Maybe they don't come to Montreal because they think they can't win there. Blake Wheeler sure made the right decision.

Calgary wanted Tanguay out of there in the worst way, plus he wasn't a FA. Calgary, then went out and replaced Tanguay with Camalleri. How is that working out?

So you listen to people on 110% when they suit you? Pierre Maguire, who actually coached in the NHL and won cups, you won't listen to, but you will listen to Pednault? Funny.

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