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02-11-2009, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by nittany View Post
You're the first person I've heard say that having all these impending free agents is a good thing, especially since Bob has shown that he cannot convince FA's to come here, aside from those who are just plain terrible or those at the end of their careers.

You're giving Bob all the time he wants. I'm not.

You think the team as it exists now can compete against the best teams in the playoffs. I don't.
Actually, I also said it was a good thing.
We have a lot of old rusty wood on our team that, due to contracts, have to stay with us instead of giving their roster spot to youngsters.

With what Gainey has decided to do, it forced all of these old woods to show how valuable they are to our team. Can you imagine if Kovalev was resigned to 3-4years at the end of last season and was playing the same way he is today?..
Other than maybe Komi, not one impending UFAs and even RFAs for that matter, have gained any value since last year. If anything, it dropped.

Gainey will have the chance to let a lot of players go, and this will transform our team even more.
I think it's great, I'm happy if Kovalev/Breezer/Dandy/Bouillon/Begin are gone. Lang will most likely retire considering his injury..
Koivu said he'd agree to a little hometown discount. Komi won't reach UFA and he won't be signed at 6M like some people on crack seem to think. If Markov was able to sign before July 1st, then there's no reason to think Komi won't, especially considering he truly seems to like it here.
That leaves Tanguay that could possibly resign if he takes a paycut as well.

Higgins/Plek have seen their value drop quite a bit from last year, so signing them won't be a problem either..if they're still on our team.

This will give us at least 5 spots for sure to be filled with new faces, that could possibly transform our team into a very solid one.

What Gainey has done is great. Don't think it isn't because you just can't get the big picture. I'm anxious to see our team next year.

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