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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Blake Wheeler decided to go with the Ruins because they had SPACE on their lineup, whereas the Habs already had many many wingers. He figured he would have much more icetime over there as they got rid of Murray and the Habs, before July 1st had added Tanguay. It was really a pure act of comedy when you talked about critical thinking yesterday, because you seem totally oblivious to what critical thinking IS.

Hmm, Camalleri is a centerman, Tanguay is a winger. Get your head out of your ***. Tanguay did get 26 points in 34 games. Didn't he get injured? One more subject where you haven't used even an inkling of critical thinking.

Hmm, 110%? Did I mention 110%??? No, I mentioned the JDM, and as a matter of fact, I don't like Pedneault, and I rarely read any collumn he writes, but someone mentioned it to me, so I read it.

You said I was the first person to mention this, I proved you wrong, THAT WAS THE POINT. And the difference in this case : Pedneault saw the light, he understood what Gainey was doing. He wasn't reacting like some little retarded **** who doesn't know dick about hockey and who throws pseudo-facts into the air.

BTW, McGuire won two cups as an assistant coach on a team with Lemieux, Coffey, Francis, Murphy and Jagr. He was actually head coach for only one season and was very crappy. So I think I will still trust Gainey and Carbo over the likes of any of Pedneault, McGuire nor PJ Stock.
Say hi to Blake next time you talk to him, will ya? it was down to 2 teams and he chose Boston. You think Gainey would have signed him without giving him a spot on the team? A team with a lack of right handed shooting forwards with size and skill?

So those that agree with you are informed and those who don't are idiots? Wow, that's pretty simple minded.

Who cares if he is a center or not? On the same day they traded Tanguay they acquired Camalleri. Do you think they may have looked at him as a replacement? Possibly?

Sorry, I am not a Gainey apologist like you are. Like I said critical thinking is the key but I don't expect you to understand.

Gainey's doing a great job. The team is fine. We are getting better. It's a 5 year plan.

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