Thread: Injury Report: Neil Out Indefinitely
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02-11-2009, 04:19 PM
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Everyone is quick to say we should trade Neil because his production has gone down? Well no ****. This team has been top 2 in scoring every year since the lockout. Well, you know, except this year, at this point we are an abysmal 29th in the league for scoring. Do people realize how massive of a drop that is? None of the players we are relying on for offense is producing the way they should this year, we are 51 games in and neither Veermette nor Fisher has even cracked 10 goals, and people are actually dumping on Chris neil of all people for a lack of production? Neil is not a go-to guy. He is a good supporting player who will make the simple plays that work, create space for linemates, go to the crease(especially on the PP). When he does that, usually it helps his go-to teammates who produce like they should and eventually, Neil racks up the points too. He has not been doing anything differently this year. The team is simply incapable offensively. What, is Neil supposed to carry this team on his back for scroring? No. He is doing just as good of a job in front of the net but it's not his fault our supposed scorers can't get a decent shot on goal.

Letting Neil go on the basis that his offence has gone down would be terrible reasoning, because he will go to a contending team that has a potent offense and will score 20-30 points again, and we will be stuck with a worthless scum bag in Rutuu who has never cracked even 20 points in his career and who doesn't have the hitting and fighting ability of Neil, but whom we kept on the basis that he could ''replace'' Neil even though that is completely false because they do not even play the same role, and our team will be lacking what Neil brings to the ice..

If the problem is that we have too many 3-4th liners, then Rutuu is the one we should be getting rid of, not Neil. Players like Neil do not grow on trees, and we must re-sign this guy.

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