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02-11-2009, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by 87vert View Post
Thanks so much for your help. I hope the other thread wasnt the only reason that you made it free. I know it takes quite a bit of time to up keep a website and to post your help on here. You should atleast get something for it.
Well to be honest, the guy was kind of right. I have been wanting to make a change to the site because it did have all of that BS on it. But if it's going to drive people away, then what good is it.

It's kind of been like that now for over 8 years and I just wanted a change. Plus, nine years ago, I didn't have that many drills. But now I do.

Oh, I add about two drills a month and I currently have over 150 drills that I haven't posted yet. But I don't want to do them all at once. I want people to keep coming back.

Plus, if you are a coach, you are always looking for new drills. I just hope that you keep coming back.

Anyways, I hope you like the site.

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