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08-16-2004, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by kazo

I talked about this last week. I am convinced that from Dolan to Sather to the fans, that the mindset here is to get into the playoffs. Everything else is secondary, just like aways. You can sense it from management and from the fans.
Especially the fans.

Depressing, to say the least.
that might be true for some fans but i think most fans, or atleast the knowledgable ones, want a rebuild and realize that suffering thru a rebuild is the only way the team will ever get they want to miss the playoffs again? no, but the fans that understand the situation realize that going for the quick fix will result in us missing the playoffs anyway, atleast by rebuilding we have a shot to be better down the road.

and saying that we need to try to be somewhat competitive and shouldn't be aiming at finishing deadlast doesn't mean that you want to make a push for the playoffs...most of the fans supporting the signing of a few free agents are talking about 2 or 3 to help make us a bit more respectable, not the 10+ that it would take to make this team a playoff contender.

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