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02-12-2009, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Canadian_Brewtality View Post
i played goalie all my life and as important as equipment is, it dosent make you any better or any worse.
The only thing that would amke changes if how price feels is breaks in the pad, length, weight and general comfort.

The day we as fans start blaming a player`s shotcomings on the color of his equipment, its a sad day.

And no you are no FACTS in your statement, just because you use the word FACTS in bold all over your post, dosent make it an actual fact,

FACT: Price is awesome.- wow ok.

FACT: Price wore white pads for most of his NHL career. ok, what is that 40 games?

FACT: Price was having a fantastic year up until he was injured.-he was defiantely better.

FACT: Price started sucking after the All-Star game.- so has the entire team.

FACT: Price started wearing red pads from the All-Star game onwards.- ok....

FACT: Price, wearing red pads, looks like Huet and plays crappy like he did too.- there you go sir, FACT!! Also his name is Cristobal which starts with a C, like Carey, so you must be onto something. Must be a FACT!
You missed the whole point once again. Keep trying.

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