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Originally Posted by RushDP View Post
It was Kovalev and his line that made this team #1 last season. This season that line is struggling and the team blows.

Carbo has little to do with the success of last season. He has everything to do with the instability of his lines and the low confidence of his team. He can't even get back to basics because he has no system to revert to. It's easy to say you are a puck possession team but we dump the puck in so where exactly is this puck possession? Our speed is negated by the opponent and the coach has no answers.

You see the value of a coach when he faces adversity and how he reacts to his team not performing. His answer was to give them yet another day off and then repeat the unstable line juggling act. In this he has failed miserably.
Agreed. It's so easy to see it's the coach who should be blamed - he has a crappy "system" which involves dumping the puck and sending 1 man in to get it while lining 4 up on the blue line. A power play where you rarely see the defense in the proper place to stop a clearing attempt... they are always in the middle of the ice. A power play which involves as many cross ice passes and as little shooting as possible, where they most certainly get picked off and cleared because the defense isn't in the right spot. A passive 5v5 defend that allows the team with the puck tons of time on the outside while they create space in the middle... our PK is more aggressive than our 5v5 defense. And while our PK is aggressive, more often than it not brings a defender out of position (ie one defender high which leaves an entire side of the net open) and allows for a chance right on the doorstep.

I've said it ever since Carbo came here - this team is not designed for the trap. We are a balls out, 3 men deep, OFFENSIVE team who should be playing to our strengths which are speed and skill, not one who sits back and plays the trap waiting for the other team to make a mistake. Nobody shoots anymore (except Laps) in the offensive zone... we are always looking for that practiced play instead of just playing hockey. Screw the "system" I say, do what you want and play by the seat of your pants - as long as they back check, give them freedom to play the game. Give up the dump and chase tactic and the trap, it just doesn't work for us.

The defense has to start playing better as well... back to basics. One guy in the corner, the other in front of the net. Throw some hits, (Jeebus Komi where are you?) be confident, show them it's your zone not theirs, don't panic and throw the puck if under pressure. Protect the goalie, clear the front out so he can see... it's not rocket science - we're getting run over in our own zone.

Take a look at the team this year and last year - no one can deny that we have better players. This team has the talent to go far, but they are confused and no longer motivated... that only comes from one place people - THE COACH.

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