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Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
All I have to say is that we are on the right path to effectively ruin Carey Price!!!! Making him the #1 goalie last year was too early. We rushed him and put too much pressure on him before he was ready to handle it. He needed to have at least 1 full season in Hamilton before he took over the #1 job in Montreal.

I'll admit, he has done decent in his short career, but right now its plain to see that he can't handle the pressure that has been put on him.

I know many of you will disagree with this comment, and thats fine....but as a former goalie, I know all about pressure and what it does to you....and right now Price is having a tough time dealing with the pressure from playing in Montreal, the media pressure and the fans pressure for him to do well and win games for the Habs.

If we could have broke him in slowly by letting him play most of the season in Hamilton, none of this would be happening right not. Carey thinks that he should be able to win because he won in junior and everything should just keep going but since he was never given time to adjust to the NHL game....he is starting to have a tough time.

The kid is 21 years old for petes sake. There was absolutely no reason to rush him!!!!

I completely agree...he was rushed way too early and what a brilliant move Gainey made last year by getting rid of Huet heading into the playoffs...To me this was the beginning of Carey's downfall...he just didn't have the personality to handle all the pressure that was being placed on him....You can't compare him to Ken Dryden, it's like comparing apples to oranges....Dryden was very mature for his age and had a veteran goalie to back him up if things started to get a bit rough....Carey, on the other hand, was and still is about as mature as a 14 or 15 year old at best.

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