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02-12-2009, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
True, this is where we separate the boys from the men.

I cannot see how all the off ice issues cannot be resolved with simple logic.

Worried/not happy about not having a contract? - Play hard. That only raises your value. If you are a first liner, you will make more. If you are 4th liner, you will recognized and get another contract.

Lack of leadership? - Someone stands up and says, "I am going to play with intensity, hit so hard, pass so accurate... I will do everything to the best of my ability. I expect the same from you. If I do not live up to that standard I just set for myself, tell me straight to my face. I will do the same to you."

Not happy with ice time? - When you ARE on the ice, do not let one second go where you are not 100% engaged in the play. Not a second where you are not trying to make something happen.

Want to be regarded as a serious pro, good team mate and have a long career? - Make it happen. No one else will pay your bill.

----and watch the separation between the boys and the men. Choose the men. Get rid of the boys.
How come some of the men that gave us one of the best records in the NHL the 2nd half last year have turned to boys this year?

It's not as simple as you are saying. The problem is not guys stopped trying, on a lot of goals, we have guys trying to do somebody else's job...d-men chasing their partner's man, Price overplaying the shot and can't react to a pass.

The way you talk, guys have just stopped trying. If anything the guys are trying too hard and they end up accomplishing less, hockey is a game you can't play like a chicken with it's head cut off. You need intensity, but it has to be focused in the right place.

Right now we either have no system or have a system nobody wants to follow.

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