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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well I don't believe anybody said that we sucked in the drafting department. But I personnally don't judge a drafting team solely on the number of players you draft and that reached the NHL. But it counts, I agree. In that department, we're probably the best. But I also look at the number of key ingredients, at the guys that you can't usually trade for 'cause they're too important, and at the guys that you can't get through UFA 'cause there's either too many teams that will make a pitch from him reducing our chance to get him AND 'cause still most of the guys DO NOT pick Montreal as a destination. So in general, usually, key players in Montreal NEEDS to come through the draft. Who are our key players right now? Koivu, Komi, Price, Kovy, Markov, AKost. How many draft picks in there?

Now, Timmins can't make miracles 'cause he's not picking top 5 (except for 1 time). But we are not talking about that either. Other great and significant players have been picked later than top 15 in most drafts. Now does every team makes mistakes? Who said they didn't. But I believe that what's important is our team and I can tell you that other fanbases, other journalists are also taking care of their management and how poorly they have picked. So we're taking care of our own business. But I know that in order to be better, I will not compare myself to the worst in order to feel better.

Again, Timmins is good. Probably, with his group, the best out there to determine who has it to play in the NHL. But we need to take it to the other level. Something that picks like Price, McDonagh, Pacioretty, Subban and even AKost might be able to turn it around. But stats obviously says that, usually, 1st rounders are the safest bet to not only play but be significant players in this league (said usually, I know about Lidstrom, Datsyuk....). So forget about the other rounds for a second where the more you've going up, the more it is a crapshoot and concentrate on the 1st round. Something tells me that we would have been able to do better than AKost, Chipchura and Fischer (as great of a defender of his I am). I obviously still believe in Price even if at the time, I panicked for no reason. And believe that McDo and MaxPac are great picks (remains to be seen how McDo will leave Wisconsin, but that's not Timmins fault...). We had no 1st rounder in 2008, but while I like Kristo, I believe and said so at the time that there were better picks at the time, at least better picks as far as needs are concerned, 'cause needs are important, reason why we racked so many d-men at one point.

So again, it's not because Timmins and Co are criticized that they suck. They don't. They're good and we're lucky to have them. We keep praising him for Subban, Weber and name all the others.....But can we criticize the ones that didn't go that well? So when he's right, he's a god, when he's not, draft is a crapshoot? We have opinions, as good as they are, which is watching way less games than they are watching and basing ourselves on opinions of others. That's just the fan way of analysing it. Can other posters also recognize it and stop saying "They know better" 'cause if so, let's close this board.....'cause management will ALWAYS know better....
Excellent post.

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