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02-12-2009, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
So I hope we're all happy.

1/ WE voted in 4 guys as all-star starters who did NOT deserve to be there, sorry not even Price. He's played like crap since and I think it's huge problem when his motivation to return was to play in that game. Kovalev was more motivated in that game than he's been all year.

2/ Despite all the injuries we WERE doing well, but no, we had to Jones about getting Lecavalier et al. Great message to send to a team that, for the first time in years, seemed to KNOW how to win.

3/ In our zest to know anything and everything hab we make up crap about injured players, boyoboy wouldn't you love to play here.

4/ The captaincy debate when none was necessary only in Montreal.

5/ The insatiable need for a marquee player. Sorry but I would rather have 5 guys between 20-40 in league scoring than one in the top 5. The ego of the hab fan to have this has really been a distraction for toooooooooo long, and the players feel it.

Karma a B..... and right now I think we're getting a full dose of it.

We all call ourselves fans but really why are you a fan of the team. So you can say we have the best player or the most all stars or to spew crap about people we really know nothing of. Or are you a fan because they not we are the classiest organization in sport with a tradition of winning. I hope its the latter.

I liked the team at the beginning of the year and yes I still like it. Every time there's talk about bringing a player in that means a valuable guy in that room is going to leave (or more). I'm not happy with how the teams playing but I'm less happy with how the so called fans are reacting... with BG sucks, fire Carbo, trade Kovy .... it's all BS and yes it effects the team. So for a change how about we try to be positive and support this team. Be a fan of the TEAM not the individual.

I'm sure you'll flame away but, instead how about doing something different and posting at least one thing you like about this team, and try to send some good Karma to the boys out west.

Lappy's drive and never give up attitude, I'll have that vision of him struggling to stand up on that almost breakaway the other night forever.

I wouldent say its Karma .. but the above reasons are pretty accurate . Defensive coaching needs a overhaul as well

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