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08-16-2004, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by homerneedsdonut
Trading 2 players with the talent level of Tyutin and Jessiman is stupidity. Period.
True Blue doesn't see it but his mentality is the same reason we failed for the past 7 years. Only difference is this superstar is younger. However, it is the same stupidity. Trade prospects, sacrifice depth for the Superstar. Sorry, that doesn't work and hasn't here for 7 years.
How is my mentality in question? I am not advocating any trade. First of all, if you are going to start tossing words like "stupid" around, this trade would never occur becuase Boston would never be "stupid" enough to do a trade like this. NO ONE in hockey would. NO ONE in hockey would ever give up Thorton. You are talking about one of the top 5 forwards in the entire game. And one that is only 25. One that you could pray that Jessiman and Tyutin add up to.
I am not advocating making any trade. However, if Boston was to come to us and tell us that Thorton would cost us only Jessiman and Tyutin, what person in their right mind would turn it down?
There is a BIG difference in trading your prospects for over-the-hill, damaged goods, and a 25 year old superstar.

"The Devils won 3 cups that way. Where was there great forward? "

I'd say that Elias, Madden, Arnot, and Holik were pretty damm important. Elias is one of the top LW's in the game and Madden is the best defensive forward in the game today.
How did Jersey look without both Arnott and Holik? The were run over this past year. Yes, their defense was great, but the ability of players like Elias, Arnott, Maddem, and Holik cannot be understated.

"Tampa had enormous forward depth. Richards, Modin, Fedotenko, Andreychuk, Vinny Lacav. St. Louis. Depth wins. "

You are really understating Tampa here. First you say,

"If you paid attention the past 5 years you would realize that the teams winning don't do it with 1 to 3 big players. They do it with enormous depth."

Then, you say that they win with great depth. Hold on, here. Lecavalier IS a superstar. St. Louis IS a superstar. And, guess what? Brad Richards is on the verge of becoming one. Yes, Tampa had depth. But they also had 2 supertars playting on their top line and another superstar in the making on the 2nd line.

"The way the game is now you will win a lot more with execellent defenseman and goalies first and foremost. Second, you will win more games with tons of depth up front."
Sure, defense wins championships. However, teams that win the Stanley Cup have a top-end forward or 2 as well. Can't win anything with all "depth" forwards.

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