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02-12-2009, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by gillyguzzler View Post
Many players are not working hard - Carbo solution : sit Bégin, cancel practices, bring them golfing
PP not working - Carbo solution : put Gorges on the point, insert BGL and Kosto
Offense not working - Carbo solution : Have two defensemen play forward, mess up the lines so bad that he's succeeded in pisssing off and confusing every player
Morale not good - Carbo solution : Cancel practice, bowling party, fack up lineup, sit Bégin and SKost, have 2 Ds play forward, blast players in the media
Defense horrible - Carbo solution : Cancel practice, bowling party, practices are for losers
Price becoming a basket case - Carbo solution ut him in after Halak has decent game, leave him in there while he's playing like a Midget AA goalie and criticize him in the media afterwards

Did anyone notice how badly Lapierre played yesterday? Maybe he was a little pisssed at playing on the 4th with a goon and a D while a Left winger was centering the 3rd line.

Did anyone notice how badly Higgins played as a centerman?

Yea, and Carbo's not to blame at all...
You forget that before yesterday, he gave his players an opportunity to play on common lines: and they didn't take that opportunity.

Still, he found a great combination yesterday: Dandenault + Plekanec.

Starting form that, he can build his lineup.

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