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02-12-2009, 03:44 PM
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No, not yet anyways...

but not because I think he should remain as coach, more so because the "kind" of coach/system we should be looking for is the kind that would likely do much better starting from "scratch" i.e at the beginning of training camp.

Band-aid solutions at this point would be pointless.

I am all in favor though of going out in the off-season and hiring a new coach, preferably as early in the off-season as possible, and preferably someone with NHL experience (though i would be prepared to go with a guy from the AHL/CHL, so long as he has a proven track record of getting his players to play a specific system successfully... and of 'graduating' players into the higher levels with noticeable traits reflective of having played under a great coach.

I'd also want Gainey to hire someone he thinks highly enough of to give him at least some say in the off-season moves to be made. We have so many FA's, that we very well can give the roster a big overhaul, better to do so by going out and getting guys that fit the style the coach wants to play.

as for Carbo, he's had more than a fair shot, the results haven't been terrible, but imo the inconsistency and the fact that there still isn't a discernible style of play apparent, in winning or losing, point to a head coach that lacks the kind of tools to deliver the kind of team Montreal demands.

maybe a stint in the minors or as an assistant might help him "upgrade" his coaching skills/style.

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