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Originally Posted by WickedWrister View Post
I can skate alright, backwards, turning, alright speed but I can't "hockey stop" I am forced to do a T-stop to slow down. Maybe my skates are too big (I'm a size 10.5) and my skates are Nike Bauer 8's. Anyway, whenever I try to hockeystop I just end up turning instead of stopping. Do I have to jump or what? Anyone have some tips?
The way I tought my kid to "Hockey" stop was:

I had him skate forward and build just a little bit of speed and then I had him turn in one toe to stop then as time progressed he would turn in both toes when stopping doing what resembled the snowplow on skis.
As time progressed he found his dominant foot and that became his back foot for the "Hockey" stop.

Since then he started playing goal and has unlearned most of the skating and "hockey" stop stuff.

Now he keeps both skates on the Ice at all times C-cutting, T-pushing, and doing up / downs.

My father who has played allot more hockey than I when he was a kid still can't hockey stop so no worries eh.

try the snowplow trick it works and takes less time than it sounds.

I just talked to the kid and we figured out that the first toe you turn in will be the less dominant foot and that will be the direction you turn to stop at first. (the direction the first toe is pointing) your stops should look like this.

skate blades / \ make sure your knees are over your toes and butt is down.

Skate progression for my son: / | then, / \ Then, / / and stopped.

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