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02-12-2009, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by IniNew View Post
I believe you have it backwards. Stopping with your left foot forward would use the outside of edge of the left skate, and the inside edge of the right skate. Stopping on all four edges means you can stop either direction, thus alternating the edges you use.
I think I see where we're disconnecting here. When I say my "front" skate, I'm thinking of the skate that leads in the direction I'm traveling, not the skate that I put "in front" of the other, heal to toe. So, if I stop to the right, I'm thinking of the left skate as my "front" skate, since it's ahead of me in the direction I was going, and my right skate as my "back" skate. So, in a turn/stop to the right, I'm on the inside edge of my left skate and the outside edge of my right skate.

Now I'm thinking that some of you have been talking about the right skate as the "front" skate in a stop facing to the right... yes/no?

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