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Originally Posted by WickedWrister View Post
I've skated about 7 times on ice and no progess... help?
One of the things you have to remember about hockey is that 80% of it is balance. If you stand up straight, the center of gravity is up at your chest, this means that you are top heavy and you have a better chance of falling.

This is why, when we tell our kids that come skating for the first time, we tell them to bend their knees. This bending of the knees gives you a lower center of gravity.

Now, as hockey players, we would like for you (the skater) to keep your knees bent at 90 degrees for balance and maximum stride length.

When you are going to get ready to stop, you have your kness bent. Just when you are ready to stop, you stand up, allowing the center of gravity to shift to your chest. In the process of standing up, you are turning at the same time, with this one legged snow plow that was mentioned in this thread.

By standing up, you move the center of gravity to your chest, turn and then bend your knees. The slower you bring that center of gravity down to your knees, the slower you stop. The faster you bring that center of gravity down, the faster you stop. Which means; The faster you bend your knees, the faster you will stop! Get it!

I would recommend slower at first, then once you get use to stopping, then you can stop with gusto. Please make sure that you learn how to stop in both direction. Don't favor one side over the other.

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