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Originally Posted by Cirris View Post
Apparently the Pilot of the Flight was a female and that their was no mayday or anything from the flight. They have audio from air traffic with the flight.. did a final check for approach.. everything was a go for landing.... final clearance made "have a safe landing"... response was given then.... nothing.

no mark for a landing was made and the flight dropped from radar.... then concerned calls to the flight going un answered. A Delta flight was asked for any sightings... Delta responded that they saw nothing.. the a "call the calvary" announcement from the air traffic of possible downed plane.
Why would the Cleveland Control Tower be directing the flight in for a landing?

Also, some stories are coming out about the passengers on the plane.

One lady on the plane was a widow of someone who died in the September 11th tragedy. She was going to go visit her husband's family and celebrate his 58th birthday.

Also, a 23 year old woman was flying into Buffalo for a college hockey alumni weekend.

It is just so sad to hear these kind of stories. May everyone involved rest in peace.

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