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02-13-2009, 11:41 AM
The downward spiral
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post game thoughts

1. we didnt win the 2 points, The Blues blew a 2 point game. But I'll take them

2. I dont know what is worse, sitting close to an obnoxious blues fan or sitting close to screachy screaming lady over in section 300

3. I sure hope that goal jump starts Sully because he is losing the puck alot and making some strange decisions out there sometimes.

4. Our Dmen acted like glorified road cones for the first 2 periods.

5. Mason pulled a "Mason" last night. 59 minutes of great hockey. Wow, I dont miss that.

And now I present to you:
How To Look Like A Tool But Not A Fool On The Megatron

It is evident that all the men in the Sommet Center have seen the poor guy who gets excited when he sees himself on the kiss cam so he leans in to the girl next to him and she sticks up her hand and disses him, then 14,000 people laugh at him.

I say this because all the men seem to have adopted a 3 step program for not falling victim to this scenario.

step 1. Firmly grab your dates head with both hands so that she cannot turn away.

step 2. Lean over into her face before she can stick her hand up. It also helps if you can do this before she realizes she is on the megatron

step 3. Lay it on her long enough to ensure that she needs to come up for a breath of air.

Dont believe me, make a note of it next game. Also gentlemen remember, you too can follow these easy steps if.. You Want To Look Like A Tool But Not A Fool On THe Megatron.

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