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Originally Posted by <Mr Jiggyfly> View Post
Using all 4 edges takes a lot of practice and hard work...

Even the pros have a weaker foot and they continue to strengthen their weaker side.

Many times if you play righty, your right foot is the dominant foot... if you play lefty, your left foot is dominant.

I am a lefty and when I was younger I had trouble learning to stop on my right side. I practiced and practiced, but just couldn't master it.

I discovered that if I picked up a right handed stick and skated with it, my body naturally started to lean that way. I was able to learn how to stop on my right side using this method, pretty quickly.

It was so long ago, but I think it took maybe an hour or so... that is how effective this method is.

I've since used this trick to teach a lot of other ppl. how to stop on their weaker side and it almost always works.
I'm just backwards. I'm a righty, shoot righty, and I can stop easily turning to my right, but I struggle going left. When going left I scrape the ice with the inside edge of my right foot just fine, but I have problems with the outside edge of my left foot.

But then, I find it much easier to turn left and do right over left crossovers. I can't figure it out.

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