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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I disagree. Those who saw Roy flourish as a Hab, also saw Carbo in his prime here.
There's only 3years separating their start with the big Club. They're from the same generation.

Carbo was very well respected and like as a player. He was a great leader. But Patrick Roy was our last Superstar. He's arguably THE best Goalie of all time in the world.
There's no way you can say Carbo is more popular than Roy here..maybe some like him better because of the way Roy left. But if we base ourselves on the jersey retirement night, most people seem to have turned the page.

You can't possibly think Roy wouldn't be more popular than Guy here.

That being said, I was more referring to the way our players would look at Roy, compared to the way they look at Carbo.
Roy has a lot more baggage than Carbo.
Not trying to take anything away from Carbo, it's just the status for both men was different.
Argument can be made for being the Patrick Roy of defensive offencemen, same with Gainey (just look at the Selkes). Unfortunately that isn't a glory position. Goalie in MTL is. Carbo was a silent hero and yes he WAS the captain. He has the heart of a champion as much as Roy does and I respect them equally.

People can question Carbo's coaching (even though I really think it's on the players and if this slide doesn't prove it, i dunno what does). It's silly to pit Carbo vs. Roy. That's like saying Koivu vs. Price. What's the point? I'm glad Roy has that respect for Carbo, they were teammates for those two cups. It seems Roy has been behaving very well and being helpful towards the club ever since his retirement and that's good. I think they can all work together. I'd love to see Roy WITH Carbo and Muller. Not choosing between them. I really don't know what Jarvis' role is... Melanson, well, Roy is > than him so yeah I can only hope that he would be the goalie coach, but hey, even Rollie has become part of the Habs family, sometimes you just can't cut a guy like that. Hopefully Roy gets arrested and gets his one call.

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