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08-17-2004, 06:29 AM
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"Poti. For starters you're contradicting yourself in that you say they have failed because they don't have good defensemen, but you offer Tom Poti. "

No I'm not contradicting myself. If you are going to make that comment at least get a clue. For starters you are getting Holik and Lundmark back in the deal. Second, Poti is a lot better then what you have now. Jilsson makes Poti look like Scott Stevens on defense. Poti isn't great defensively but he is good offensively and can give you decent defensive games 50% of the time on this team which has no system. The Bruins other then 2 defenseman have nothing.

Trade prospects, trade depth for the superstar. It doesn't work and just because Thornton is younger doesn't make it l

When have the Devils ever traded for a superstar? Especially giving up a potential top 3 defenseman? The only time I can remember them doing that was when they trade a young, Thornton like player in Shanahan for a top defenseman in Stevens. Which worked out? They know defense, goaltending and depth wins. Is Tyutin comparable to Stevens? No. However, he has a chance to be a top 3 defenseman for 12 years who plays 20 minutes a night. All I've seen from Thornton is his butt constantly getting shut down time and time again in the playoffs by good defenseman.

You people make it seem like he's Forsberg in the playoffs. He's been a total non factor in the playoffs.

Thornton in the post season

18 GM 2 G 7 A -11

Basically what we are looking at is a slight improvement of Yashin here. That's it and place don't give me that garbage about him being hurt last year. I've seen Messier, Forsberg, Yzerman and Leetch just to name a few go out there in a hell of a lot more pain then Thornton did and produce big.

You want to give up a future top 3 defenseman and a forward with Jessiman's package. Please do it for a guy that do something in the playoffs.

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