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08-17-2004, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by homerneedsdonut
Especially giving up a potential top 3 defenseman? The only time I can remember them doing that was when they trade a young, Thornton like player in Shanahan for a top defenseman in Stevens. Which worked out?
Ok, let's get our fact straight, shall, we? The Devils did not trade for Stevens. The Devils were awareded him as compensation for Shanahan. A move that was very questionable considering the fact that Shanny was not established at the time and Stevens was.
Second of all, fine Tyutin will be a top 3 defenseman. Who is arguing with you? However, Joe friggin' Thorton is one of the top players in the entire league. No one is advocating trading for him, but this is not EA Sports. You are not going to make a trade for one of the best, most marketable players by short-changing. You want to talk about a realistic package for Thorton? START with Jessiman, Tyutin, one of the goalies, AND next years first rounder.

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