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02-14-2009, 09:03 AM
with the 10th pick..
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watching both teams last night it was painfully obvious to me that there are 2 huge differences between the 2 teams.

first, speed. the cats attack with speed. speed creates space. space creates opportunity. opportunity creates scoring chances. the cats had alteast 10 excellent scoring chances last night in the 1st period alone.

us. well, we had shots. not scoring chances. huge difference. and we show little speed with the puck. and when we do, its usually a lone player against 2 defenders. our speed is not unit speed, its individual speed. huge difference. and here in lies the second problem.

we lack cohesion. purpose. we lack any semblence of chemistry with our forwards. we attack, when we do, in fits but its not pruposeful, its a turnover at center ice and , for example, dubi will make a play alone down the wing. or ist zherdev beating 2 guys and going in alone with a bad angle shot. its not cohesive. its not organized. its like playground basketball, all one on one stuff. its bush league and its my belief that this is from poor teaching and coaching.

all the line changes both at practice and during games has resulted in a team ful of individual mercenaries and not a collective unit.

with new coaching would come new purpose. even simple purpose is better than what we have now.

we have speed. we have skill. certainly just as much as florida. what they have is execution. we have lack of same.

time for a change at the top.

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