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02-14-2009, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by gc View Post
Just to make sure, adductors are inner thigh muscles right?

Are they sore from skating too hard/working out?

Whenever I have muscle soreness in my thighs from skating I do three stretches multiple times through out the day, holding each movement for about 15 seconds each time, for 3 reps. The stretches are as follows (I don't know the "real" name for any of them) :

1. You can do this one next to a wall or table to hold on to for balance. While standing, raise your knee and then grab it and pull it towards your chest. This, I believe, stretches your hips.

2. Do the whole grab your foot and try and touch it to your posterior. This is pretty common so I think you probably know what it is. This one really stretches the thigh.

3. Try and touch your toes.

Of these stretches, I think only number 2 stretches your thigh (adductors?) but I do all of them normally. Immediately after doing the stretches you should fell alot looser. Do them as often as possible up until around 20 minutes before game time (I don't know why but I've always been told static stretching is bad if its too close to game time.)

Good luck!


yes, they're sore because I had a game on Thursday and we were only 2 lines! I played one of the hardest games of my life. The emotion was so intense I didn't feel my legs hurting until the next morning.

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