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08-17-2004, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Flyers26
9. Very high on Radovan Somik. We haven't seen his potentional yet, due to injury.

Where does he expect to play him when he is the 13th foward...?

He has skill but he doesn't get the ice time.

As far as Ken Hitchcock couldn't wait to play Tampa this year, he couldn't wait to play Ottawa last season and besides the March 5 brawl, we got run up and down the ice by them, and we got run up and down the ice by Tampa Bay. If the Flyers want to beat either of those teams next season this is what has to happen:

1- Guys who can keep up with them. Right now Kapanen and Gagne are the only ones who can keep up with guys like Havlat, Hossa, Lecavalier, St. Louis, etc. PK and injuries were a big part of the series vs. Tampa Bay, but they wouldn't have been as big if we didn't have a bunch of guys who can't skate. Time to get faster rather than bigger.

2- Don't play Toronto. Sure we beat them, but 2 years in a row they took us down with them. 2 years in a row that if we had simply moved up one spot in the conference standings we would have avoided Toronto, and been able to play a much easier team (the Bruins being choke artists didn't help, I would have rather played them in the playoffs than any other eastern team including the Islanders because we would have swept them) and if we had been #1 like Ottawa and Tampa were the past 2 years we play the Islanders and that is almost like a 1st round bye (no disrespect to the Islanders, but that is EXACTLY what happened). Yes we beat the Devils in 5 as well, but the Islanders are no where near the caliber of the Devils (this season could be different. With their current state on defense, this might be their last shot for the Devils)

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