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02-14-2009, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by franchise player View Post
never stretch when you're sore, it won't help at all. It will only inhibit the pain signal to get to your brain for a very limited time period and it won't help the recovery at all. If you want to stretch, don't do it when it's sore.
Oops, my bad then. I always thought stretching was good for sore muscles because it brought blood to the affected area (although I never understood how stretching promotes blood flow).

Regardless, if you are playing at a low level (I have no idea what level you are playing at) I don't think it should really bother your game. The last time I hurt my thighs from playing, I had a really hard time walking but I could skate just fine. Biggest problems were flinging out my leg behind me when striding and I trying to close my legs too quickly when an opposing player was trying to slip a puck through them.

Out of curiosity, what do you find hurts more right now: Going up a hill or going down a hill?

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