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02-14-2009, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by gc View Post
Oops, my bad then. I always thought stretching was good for sore muscles because it brought blood to the affected area (although I never understood how stretching promotes blood flow).
I just did some heavy looking around online but could only find articles like this one ( that say it does increase blood flow to the affected area but not why. Maybe a stretched muscle has a thinner outer membrane or there's more space between the muscle fibers so the capillaries carrying blood and oxygen have better and more thorough access?

Regardless, if you are playing at a low level (I have no idea what level you are playing at) I don't think it should really bother your game.
That's my feeling, too. FWIW I overdid it yesterday (Friday) -- light jogging and doing (soccer) place kicks with both legs. Legs are sore but there's no indication of injury. I'm doing some light stretching of my quadriceps (not extending too far or holding the stretch for too long), drinking extra water and I did some stick handling drills in the basement earlier today. I fully intend to play hockey tomorrow night and have little concern that my current condition puts me at greater risk of injury.

To the OP -- I hope you have a deeper bench tomorrow.

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