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Originally Posted by Go Habs Go View Post
I don't need Pierre Maguire to tell me whats wrong with this team, we can see it ourselves. Regardless of what Pierre said, its TV, its a business, as soon as money is involved, you can't just trust what he says. There's always other motives, they need viewers, they want people to notice what they're saying.

The Montreal Canadiens is a business thats not ran by a team of monkeys. They are profitable and do well because there are great people running it.
the canadiens and the leafs for that matter are profitable and sell-out all the time ONLY because montreal and toronto hockey fans love hockey more than any fans anywhere else. and it doesnt matter how poorly the team is run by either because each team has no competitor - i.e. - they each have a monopoly in their area. ever notice how habs started getting worse as soon as nordiques moved away? and started on this no stanley cup in 16 years and counting then? and how leafs and nhl block any team moving into toronto's market? both these cities can support 2 teams, if new york city area has 3 teams, los angeles has 2 teams and even the state of florida has 2 teams. montreal or toronto by themselves have more hockey fans than those 3 areas combined.

only big acquisition gainey made here was getting kovalev almost 5 years ago. as long as seats are full gainey seems to do nothing. and despite this recent collapse habs still have a 7 point lead over the only 2 possible playoff teams NOT in the top 8 and that means gillette still will get at least a couple(2) playoff games here.

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