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02-15-2009, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
I know! My first spelling mistake in three years! Thanks for pointing it out *******.
Lol, I get typing so fast sometimes that I hit keys in the wrong order or just plain the wrong key. It doesn't help when you only use two fingers per hand and are constantly moving your hands all over the keyboard instead of keeping them on "home row."

On another note, I want to know who spoke to the league because I've seen an aweful lot of ticky-tack plays that COULD have been called penalties over the past 3 games (and they were before 3 games ago) that are now being let go. It's like the refs are finally calling the game against us similar to how they call it against other teams. I know we are lazy and take stupid penalties but there were also an aweful lot of those PP's against that were borderline calls at best. I saw a minor hook already today behind our net that just 4 games ago was called without question. I'm glad to see they aren't looking to bend us over now but I'm just surprised by it. Also, the team IS working harder and aren't taking as many of those lazy penalties either. I'm betting that Holmgren sent a message down to the lockerroom that heads would be on the block if they didn't stop because I have no faith in Stevens being able to stop it. For over a month he said it was a problem in his post-game interviews and nothing was done about it.

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