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08-17-2004, 09:00 PM
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how is signing nylander going to make for entertaining hockey? i would bet "dollars to donuts" that the fringe hockey fan doesn't even know who nylander is.
Dont' ask me, I'm not the one thinks entertainment is a priority.

we all know its a bad contract but the FACT is the rangers need to sign somebody who can be used as a top line center. nylander isn't here for the young players to learn from the coaches are. the team is going to struggle but with nylander here it means a young player doesn't have to be pressed and "ruined" by playing in a role they aren't ready for. every rebuilding team in the history of rebuilding has had veteran players.
But you can't ignore the contract. That's the whole point. I need to tear up my backyard, but I'm not gonna set fire to my lawn to do it.

And you're right no kid should be ruined by being pushed into a role they arent ready, but the solution isn't blocking yourself in in the process. You don't save any kids by doing that, you just shift the problem to a whole new area.

You're right every rebuilding team has veteran players, but not locked up for multi-year hard to move contracts which brings us right back to the original point that you CAN'T ignore the contract. We can't pretend it isn't there if we don't see it.

Which AGAIN brings us back to the point that no one is saying no to veterans. They are saying no to veterans who are under a contract that cant be moved and is for a longer term than it should be. No one is fighting anyone on the issue of bringing some vets in, they are fighting about the issue of "how long are we gonna be stuck with them".

It's very much like food when you're fridge is empty and your budget is tight. Eating top Ramen fits the need for food and you DO need to eat, but you wouldn't go out and buy three years worth it.

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