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Originally Posted by Steve Downie View Post
You can never go wrong with a pair of Tours! Ive never had CCM skates, but I have a pair of Nike/Bauer Mega something (black/pink) and they are really good. I had a low end pair of Missions and the boot ripped apart after a few months. I had a low end pair of Bauers (before the Nike merger) and the toecaps came out of both.

I would go with Tour code blues, they are $150 and Tours are excellent skates. I have a pair of Cobalt 8.8's and they are great, and on sale here ( If not, go with the Nike/Bauer Mega pros, they arent bad skates and are durable.
I've been skating on CCM's for almost 20 years now, specifically a Tack model of some sort. Bauers never fit me right, were just too narrow, either in the heel or forefoot. I tried on a pair of Tours (I had the Code Blues as well), and loved the fit so I bought them. Then I tried to play in them and absolutely hated it. I think it had less to do with the boot, and more to do with the Hummer frame. Every wheel was an 80mm, which provided me with crazy speed, but the turning radius was god awful. Also, even with the hollowed-out outsole to make room for the 80mm wheels in the forefoot, I felt like I was standing on my heels the entire time. I swear I almost broke my neck 100 times as I skated backward.

Lot's of people swear by Tour, and as with anything else, it's personal preference I suppose. I really tried to like Tour, but it became so aggrivating trying to become acclimated to them. I finally said to myself "if it aint broke don't fix it." So I just ripped my trusty SureGrip frames off my old inlines and had them mounted on some new Tacks. My ice and inline skates are essentially the same boot. After my old inline Tacks frame rivets were breaking, I just converted them into ice skates. My current inlines are ice skates converted to inline:

For me, the best thing to do is to take whatever skate you wear the most and are accustomed to, and use a pair for ice, and one for inline - with both being as identical in brand and model as possible.

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