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02-15-2009, 11:15 PM
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on a wrist shot, start with the puck behind your back foot, draw the stick back and cradle the puck in such a way that your hands are behind your center of gravity and the palm of your bottom hand is facing down towards the ice. Shift your weight through your hips towards your front foot, turn your upper body while pressing down on the stick to flex it. Make an explosive uncoiling move with what's left of your upper body momentum, snap your hands forward, and as the puck is coming forward about the spot where your front foot is, snap your wrists forward and turn your bottom hand towards your target. If your follow through is high, your shot will go high. As you're following through, point the toe of your stick exactly where you want the puck to end up. As you perfect this technique, you'll be able to roof it in whatever corner you want with ease. As you get closer to the net, you'll have to exaggerate the follow-through movement to get the puck up, almost like throwing your palms straight up. Just get the feel of it and practice it until you've got it down.
Check this video out for a demonstration.

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