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08-18-2004, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Chief
Here's a few bits from the latest Hockey News that are relevant:

There's an article on the Coyotes and their GM says he was talking to a GM of one of the bigger market teams, who had made a trade with Phoenix months earlier. "He told me if I tried to trade the same (high salaried veteran) player now, he would be the one asking for prospects and picks instead of giving them, just to take on the salary," Barnett said. "I don't think we would have been able to do what we did at the deadline during the offseason. The climate has changed that much."

And BTW - I don't have the years handy but here's some of the free agents the Desert Dogs signed this summer. Hull at $2.25 mill next season, Ricci at $1.75 mill and O'Donnell at $2 mill. Those are the kind of pricetags a young team looking to add vets pays out.

Also of note was a piece regarding the Thrashers signing Mellanby. "Waddell (Atl's GM) originally was looking for a center, but liked Mellanby's grit, character, size and price better than the centers in free agent pool." That Waddell's a smart man Mellanby was signed to a 2 year $2.4 mill contract. Mellanby is one of the UFA's I wished we'd signed. That kind of vet with grit and character would be a good guy to have around for our kids - and for only two years at $1 million and change per year.
Mike Barnett?Brian Savage-$14 million over 4 years

Phoenix gave Sean O'Donnell a three year deal-$1.7/$2/2.3-$6 million

Phoenix gave Mike Ricci a two year deal plus an option-$1.5/$2-$3.5 million.Ricci can guarantee the option worth $2 million if he plays 60 games and is among the top 9 forwards in icetime for Phoenix forwards in the second year of the deal.Ricci has never played less than 60 games in any full season in his career and he will be among the top 9 forwards in icetime.So it's a three year deal worth $5.5 million

Phoenix gave Brett Hull a two year worth $4.5 million PLUS individual and team bonuses

They gave out two three year deals and signed a 40 year old to a two year deal when Dallas was the only team involved and offering a one year deal

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