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Originally Posted by Dizzy8729 View Post
My friend and I are coming to Philadelphia for the Flyers vs. Predators game on March 7th, and I have a few questions.. Neither of us have been to Philly.

I want to fly out on March 6 and return on March 8. I was thinking for the night of the 6 we would stay in the city (not sure where, we might wing it, but would like somewhere less than 100 dollars). On the 7th for after the game, we are just going to stay at the Econo Lodge Philadelphia Airport Lester because despite the bad reviews, we'll only be staying there overnight, got it for 40 bucks, and leaving in the morning.

Anyways, here are some of my questions..

1. Is Center City "downtown" Philadelphia?
2. Does the merchandise store in Wachovia center carry all players on the roster in t-shirts?
3. How long before the game starts are people allowed into the arena? I've only been to Mellon and HSBC.. Mellon opens an hour before, HSBC was 2 hours.
4. Do players normally sign after games?
5. Is there public transportation (besides cab) that would go to the Flyers Skate Zone?
6. Does the Spectrum open and have a shop with Phantoms merchandise on days other than game days?
1- yes
2- only the big names: carter, richards, biron, briere, gagne maybe hartnell, upshall
you can also get some here:
3-i think 2 hours, or maybe 1.5. plenty of time to eat, have a couple beers, and watch pregame skate from the boards
4-eh, its hit or miss really. dont bank on getting anyone special
5-no, are you wanting to hit practice? if you are flying in on the 6th you'll likely miss practice, they practice at the wach on game day (closed to public), and you'll likely leave before practice on the 8th, so i wouldnt worry
6-not sure, but i doubt it

march 7 is also fan appreciation night btw

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