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02-16-2009, 09:40 PM
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I first bought used skates for my son and they ended up being a half a size to big for him which caused him foot cramps after half an hour of skating.

Then I went to play it again and I bought him a new pair of Easton Synergy skates that served him well for about 6 months. Then he used the Vapors we bought used.

The first pair should FIT and fit well new or used. I have to buy both player equipment and goalie equipment for my son so I buy used every chance I get! I even bought used skates for myself.

The new skates I bought for my son did not even get broken in even though we skated a lot by the time I gave them to a friend for his son.

As your kid gets older you will have to spend bigger money on new skates, pads, and ice time. You mas as well save as much money now as you can while the kid is not to picky.

Just MHO.

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