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08-18-2004, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
He is willing on killing the NHL in the US, just so that he can be seen as a tough negotiator.
In the U.S. the NHl is already dead, noone cares anymore it really isn't considered one of the 4 major leagues anymore now there are only 3, and you know your in trouble when arena football is getting better ratings then you.

when average player are making as much money as they are now making thats wrong and a salary cap would help that because yes owners are idiots and no thats not the players faults and i don't blame them for taking the money but they have to deal with the current economics, and that is the league is losing money and they need to stop owners from over spending.

plus there are different kinds of salarycaps they can do it like the nba with exceptions every year and you can go over to resign a player but you have to pay the tax and then you only have your 2 exceptions and the cap goes up and down each year. and a maximum on player salaries like in the nba would be good too. hey they would still be making plenty of money and it would just be better porportioned like the best players get filthy rich and average players get paid like average players and lesser players get paid less
the union just has to understand the a salarycap is a neccestity because of the league losing money and owners being ididots and they don't have to like it, but why are they any better than nfl or nba players that they can't have a salarycap?

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