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02-17-2009, 10:26 AM
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[QUOTE=Bleed Ranger Blue;17982032]
Originally Posted by MadHookUp View Post

Thats bailing.

In regards to you enjoying the 98-04 Rangers more, perhaps you can use your newfound free-time by getting a hotel room with Kevin Stevens? Maybe invite Theo Fleury over?
Help me understand... I found this team insanely boring to watch at the beginning of the season when we were winning. I found them boring last season... before losing Avery and Jagr. So now the team I love is insanely boring... heartless...passionless...and now rarely score let alone win games. With a few exceptions, this team doesnt care about the fans, and doesnt come to play for them.

Now because I would rather spend time with my wife, or read a good book, I am a bad fan because I dont force myself to sit down and watch a gutless team of mercenaries bore and piss me off all night?

oh... btw... unlike you I actually paid $150 dollars every year for the past 11 years for the privilege to watch this team. I wish I could go back 12 years and watch this team on a sports ticker...

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