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02-17-2009, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post

Help me understand... I found this team insanely boring to watch at the beginning of the season when we were winning. I found them boring last season... before losing Avery and Jagr. So now the team I love is insanely boring... heartless...passionless...and now rarely score let alone win games. With a few exceptions, this team doesnt care about the fans, and doesnt come to play for them.

Now because I would rather spend time with my wife, or read a good book, I am a bad fan because I dont force myself to sit down and watch a gutless team of mercenaries bore and piss me off all night?

oh... btw... unlike you I actually paid $150 dollars every year for the past 11 years for the privilege to watch this team. I wish I could go back 12 years and watch this team on a sports ticker...
Well then I suggest going back to the sports ticker and just reading the score off there. It'll provide you with the same lack of insight that you currently display while actually watching the games.

Sure, theres a couple of bad apples like Redden, but to say this team as a whole is heartless and passionless is ignorant. Take a look at the career numbers of the forwards we are relying on to score goals. None have lit up the scoresheet in dozens of years combined in the NHL. And the one that has (Naslund), is a declining 35 year old. The passion and fire of a thousand suns couldnt help this team put the puck in the net.

Its just mind-boggling to me how you can jump ship so soon considering this franchise recently had a stretch of 7 years where the players truly didnt give a flying ****.

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