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02-17-2009, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by MadHookUp View Post
Sure, theres a couple of bad apples like Redden, but to say this team as a whole is heartless and passionless is ignorant. Take a look at the career numbers of the forwards we are relying on to score goals. None have lit up the scoresheet in dozens of years combined in the NHL. And the one that has (Naslund), is a declining 35 year old. The passion and fire of a thousand suns couldnt help this team put the puck in the net.

Its just mind-boggling to me how you can jump ship so soon considering this franchise recently had a stretch of 7 years where the players truly didnt give a flying ****.
I see your point. I love Cally, Mara, Zherdev, etc. Seeing Drury, Gomez, and Redden on the ice actually makes me angry. I literally pay money and tons of hours to have these 3 piss me off and make me angry all night. The Rangers have a lot of players that I like, but between Redden, Drury, Gomez, and the system we play.... I am either bored or angry. If I wasnt a true "good" Rangers fan I wouldnt be angry at all.

The thing about the Rangers in 98-04 was that there was hope... Every off season there was a swirl of trades/free agent signings that at the very least would give you some hope that something would change. But as all Ranger fans have learned over the years... overpaid UFAs are a complete waste...

Like I said in other posts. The problem with this team is that its HOPELESS. We dont know the exact number, but the Salary cap will be going down next year. And probably the next. If all our players were currently on long term contracts we still could not keep this roster together. I pray we keep Mara, but he is owed a raise. Same with Staal, Zherdev, and Dubinsky.

Unless there is some miracle trade, we will be worse next year then we will be this year. And probably even worse the following years.

Maybe some of you fans can just sit there and watch this team and feel no emotion. But there are many fans like me that get angry and pissed off watching this team. And to call those people "bad fans" because they would rather spend time with their families or do something constructive is absolutely ridiculous.

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