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02-17-2009, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Scipio Africanus View Post
I think this is a bad time for being a Rangers fan but it's nothing like the 7-year drought, which was also caused by shoddy drafts and terrible Moves.

Neil Smith always gets a mulligan because he took a team in 1989 that was going nowhere and in five years brought a Cup to NYC.

Sather took a team that had no farm system and no players to build around and is probably going to oversee a 4th straight 90-point season and a playoff spot (maybe not, but still a chance)

The difference between then and now is that Sather deserves some credit for getting rid of the career minor leaguers and stocking Hartford with picks, who are all on the big club now and we have a few more impact prospects on the way.

Yes, sather has made some bonehead signings, but I am pretty sure he will fix it. This season was just a wake-up call.

The biggest failure is the power-play, and that is an easy fix. Any old Rangers fans around here remember the 1988 team who set an NHL record for PP goals in a season with guys like Kision, Mullen, Ogrodnick, Patrick, Dionne and Poddubny, who by 1988 standards were very average talent-wise. It's all about confidence and execution, and the Rangers just don't have that right now.

A lot of fans began complaining very very early in the season about the quality of play but all we heard was "We're in 1st place" or "We have a better record than last season". I have said all along that the Rangers are a paper tiger and if it takes a miserable four-month stretch of inconsistent hockey to have changes come about, then so be it.

Staal, Callahan, Dubinsky, Korpikoski, Lundqvist, Zherdev and possibly Anisimov, Sanguinetti, Del Zotto and Grachev is a very formidable corps of youth.

We have to remember how young these guys are and sooner than you think they will be able to carry this team. This season is all on the vets, and I will guarantee that Sather realizes it as well and begins to trim the fat.

I personally gave up on this team earlier this season at a time when i had enought (the 4-0 washington game) because I was just tired of watching them underachieve. I truly thought they had a very good team and it upset me to see them struggle.

Now I just accept them for being bad but there is no way it is as bad as 1998-2004. Those years were an embarrassment to the organization and the game of hockey.
Sather deserves credit from the 2004 trade deadline up until last offseason. Ill even give him a free pass for signing Gomez and Drury to ridiculous contracts because the cap was increasing, we were desperately thin down the middle, and these were two guys that came from a winning pedigree. He lost me this offseason by giving Redden and Roszival 11.5 million combined per season. If that money goes toward a scorer, we are all a lot happier right now.

To make a long story short, Sather's been here almost 9 years now and the bad times are starting to outweigh the good.

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