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02-17-2009, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by iamjs View Post
ha ha, yeah I do

no you don't. prove it.

it's just a fight.

well either prove it or don't. Count me in as another one who finds your fights hard to believe.
I am with you guys... I wonder what type of adult league you play in if they let you fight all the time. I have played in numerous leagues and they dont tolerate fighting. They know it happens and you get suspended or fined for fighting.

I havent played in over a month. got kicked out for defending myself now im in a different league that was suppose to start this last sunday now its next sunday and my game isnt until monday night.

Im kinda glad I havent played in that period because I have a couple of nagging injuries that needed some time to heal. (groin, Back, Knee) so Im going to hit the oliptical machine tonight and every night for at least an hour to keep my legs and lungs for monday.

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