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Originally Posted by The Great Dubinsky View Post

He talks about the NYR starting to lose the most loyal fans due to the pathetic product.

And I hate to say it he is right.

Since I was 10, every night during the season there was nothing that took precedent over a Rangers game for me.

Out with my buddies? Nope Rangers are on.

Girlfriend wants to go out? You can come over and well order chinese while I watch the game.

Hell I even based my work schedule around Rangers/Islanders/Devils/Flyers/Pens. Id make sure to take off every day for when the Rangers played any of them.

But the longer this season goes on and the more and more I watch this pathetic product that Rangers hierarchy has the balls to call a hockey team, the harder time I have to tune in to the next game after a pathetic non exciting win, or uber frustrating loss.

If I had to estimate, over the last 10 years prior to this season, Id say I have missed around 30 Rangers games total. Yet this season Id say I have missed between 15-20 games. This team just is not fun to watch and honestly I dont know how much more of this pansy ass team I can take.

What do you guys think?
The Rodent is definitely right...

Maybe the rangers arent losing us loyal fans, but we sure arent gona make an effort to watch them play piss poor hockey anymore. Why bother DVRing a game only to watch them put out another weak effort and watch their season slowly sink into the sh***er. Or making every effort to figure out the score when youre out somewhere...or at a bar and having the game put on. Why bother showing we care when they clearly dont give 2 sh**s about this game and the fans that support them..

for example...I was away visiting my gf at her college in massachusetts and i came on here, making the effort by finding the live feed to watch the game against st.louis...they give up the game winning goal to some no name player with 5 min left in regulation...


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