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02-17-2009, 08:22 PM
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I'm a manager at a hockey store and I pay close attention to the sticks and blades. I also track the cross brand equivalencies in blade patterns (because there's very few reliable sources- I often take the time to measure new or unfamiliar ones).

We had some new One95 Naslunds come in today, and I was curious about them and the SE16 Sakics, so I happened to compare them before noticing this thread.

The Bauer Naslund curve is the same as the Easton Sakic curve, with a very, very slight difference in lie (more due to the curvature of the bottom of the blade than the shaft-blade angle). Also, for others interested, Zetterberg = Forsberg = Malkin = Modano = a few other patterns. Most of the Warrior patterns generally have shorter lies than the Eastons and Bauers.

Supremes are a little heavier throughout the shaft; the Supreme blades are thicker and heavier than the Eastons, which adds a little unwanted inertia during quick stick handling. That said, due to their construction, the blades on the Supremes appear to be tougher than the blades on the SE16s, but your mileage may vary.

Our best seller has been the SE16, due to the outstanding feel for the puck.

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