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02-18-2009, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Optimus Moo View Post
There will ALWAYS be cheaters in ANY sport.

The NFL has been proactive in trying to get rid of steroids and the like in the sport. But, Bud Selig and his cronies turned a blind eye to steroids back in the 1990s when they could have put stuff in place to try and deter the usage. Today, 'ol Bud is trying to save face and clean up the sport, making him a huge hypocrit.

That is why the two sports are viewed different when it comes to steroid use and quite honestly, it's justified. I don't advocate steroid use and the players who do it are wrong, but when 'ol Bud lets it happen, well, it's like having teens stay home alone for the weekend while the parents are gone, with a house full of alcohol: You tell me what's going to happen?
No dobut everyone in baseball is culpable and they deserve all the scrutiny and criticisim.

But the NFL (and media), despite the existing testing program, just shrug off (or bend over backwards) to explain away the suspensions of its players. And sometimes they give a major award to players who were suspended in that very same season (if you can't tell, I have a major hang-up on this Merriman thing ).

Also, a frequent cry in baseball is "what about the stuff we CAN'T test for?" Why is that call not put out in football? We're told PEDs always are evolving, but still football is just fine.

We all know why -- I just hate that it is total b.s.

Football (all sports, really) deserve a harsher look on this issue. Every major sport should be held to the fire on this.

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