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08-19-2004, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate
too much speculation and assumptions lumped together to come to a "strong" conclusion

the assumption that both kondratiev AND pock would be in the lineup and that rachunek or poti would be the odd man out...even the assumption that the rangers WILL sign another defenseman. it looks to me more like they started with the idea of trading rachunek and worked backwards instead of sifting through the information and arriving at the conclusion that rachunek should be traded
After his peformance last season and the fact that he held his own after being thrown into the fire right after college, it is pretty much Pock's spot to lose. If he plays really crappy of course he wont be on the team, but if he plays like he did last season he is on the team.

Kondratiev has shown he can handle some NHL competition with the Leafs, has some backround with Tyutin(who still needs a partner) and Sather wants to have something from the Leetch trade in NY next season to try and appease some fans. Again, it is pretty much Kondratiev's job to lose.


That still leaves 2 open spots. If you guessed those spots are reserved for Kondratiev and Pock you have guessed right! Show the man what he has won....

The fact that they both have spots and the fact that Kondratiev and Rachunek play a very similar style and the fact that the Rangers need a true physical defensive-defenseman and the fact that we need help at LW brings any logical person to this conclusion: Rachunek is expendable to reinforce our LW position since he can be replaced by Kondratiev(not "replaced" but similar talent is available) and that McGillis is still available and has had talks with the Rangers.

Sather will sign another d-man.

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