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08-19-2004, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy
Our fellow hockey fans from north of the border want the NHL to put teams back in Winnipeg and Quebec plus add another team in Hamilton.They want the players to go back to 1980's level salaries when Alan Eagleson ripped off the players
That isn't totally accurate. I personally have been the most vocal about Winnipeg not getting a team(Considering they were only above league average twice in their existance in attendance.)

What the fans north of the border want is the ability to draft, develop and keep players without them being allured by large contracts to large market teams.

What the fans north of the border want is to be able to compete LONG TERM, with teams that have large populouses to draw their fan bases from and the large revenues that go with them.

There should be the "Green Bay Packers" in the NHL along with the "Dallas Cowboys." And the Green Bays should have as much chance at the Stanley Cup as the Dallas'.

For a comparative study, there isn't anything particularly wrong with the Edmonton Oilers franchise, other than the fact that every player that had the intent to make $4 million a year or more is no longer there. Having a top line of Doug Weight, Bill Guerin and Ryan Smyth would have done just fine over the last couple years. Geez, that might have taken the Oilers to the 2nd round.

Anyways, I don't agree with the hard cap because it is too restrictive. If it was a scaled luxury tax of some sort with penalty revenues paid back to the smaller market teams then I am sure a system like that could work.

But, don't think that every Canadian is pining for the lost teams of cities that weren't either smart enough, or passionate enough to keep their franchise. That part isn't true.

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